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Our address is as follows.

Repair Shop K-Com

Repairs all models of the  damaged iPHones,iPads,

and  Game Machines such as 3DS         

       Call  070-4028-2150  or  mail to

Why we  are  here ?

To serve the  peaple who  came  also from overseas.

Repair shop K-com,  or  just called as KCOM  offers  the best  repairservices  for   your  iPhones and  or  Game  Machines   made   by  such as   NINTENDO  or   SONY.

The Shop Owner, who  has many  years of  expriences in the  Radio  Communication  Device  manufacturing  fields, will  repair  yourdamaged   device withgrate  care and  in the  shortest  duration  oftime.

Of course, all  explanation,  quotationas well  as Repair  Certificate for     the  Insurance  claim  purpose  are    available  in    English  or Japanese,  at your  desire.

(iPad Mini4 is now repairing under Micro Scope)

Welcome to the Repair Shop K-Com's Home Page

Every Wednesday,

the shop will be  CLOSED 

Shop Opens: 10:00 -----19:00,

including weekend 

Available range of services and prices,

please refer the each pages under mentioned

by  Clicking:

All prices quoted here are in Japanese yen.

No foreign currency is acceptable.

Payment by CREDIT CARD is acceptable

0. Mobile Insurance

1. iPhone,iPad,iPod

2. SMART Phone Repair Price

3. Game Machines  --Under constraction !!

4. Data Recovery   --Under construction !!

Please note that the price quoted

here may be changed  without prior Notice.

Japanese Top Page

Repair Shop K-com

In house of OGINO Okaya

2-1-10. Shibamiya, Osachi, Okayashi,

Naganoken, Japan, 394-0083

Tel: 070-4028-2150

Telephone service is available

between  07:00 to 22:00