Insurance  premium is Just 700yen per Month!!!!

Then you are  entitled to enjoy  5 benefits

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Mobile Insurance=Valid only in Japan

What is the Mobile Insurance ?
In case of your mobile devices got damaged by accident or  stollen, your cost for repairing will be covered by this  insurance program.
For example: Front Glass broken, Droped into the water,Malfunction, Stollen

There are 5 benefits
1. Total 3 devices can be insured by One(1) contract.
2. Upto 100,000yen(Limit Amount) per year will be paid.
(Main device= Limit 100,000yen + Sub device=Limit 30,000yen, In this  case, Total  Limit amount  100,000yen per Year will be settled.)
3. Easy procedure to request an insurance claim using  internet. [ through My Page]
4. Payment will by settled within 5 business days.(except,in  case of inadequate documents or  inquiries to public  agencies has been caused)
5.Your contract is valid even after you obtained new device as replacement.

What kind of devices can be insured ?
Not only iPhones but also any kind of SMART Phones,Tablets, Mobile PC, Mobile Router, Wireless Headphone,Gaming machines and etc. ( All devices must have Wi-Ficapability)

Important Conditon!!

To be covered by this insurance, the devices must be

within One Year after purchaced and NOT bought fromprivate person NOR auction

Please ask KCom for details.

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