Repair price willbe available basedon your request.

Because so manymodels are on themarket, we cannot make a listhere.

Please call orsend an eMailto us.


iPAD Repair,Price including Parts, Serviceand 8% Tax.(Postage extra)

                     Front Glass damaged     LCD dammaged      Bothdamaged              
iPad Air 2          35,000 (Glass and LCD integrated parts)
iPad Air            15,500                     17,000                        29,500
iPad Mini          18,000                     19,000                        29,500
iPad Mini 4        33.500 (Glass and LCD integrated parts)
iPad 5              15,500                    17,000                        29,500

Above are just part of our range of services.

Due to so many models are on the market,  we can notmake a price list here.

We are very glad to make a quotation on your request,based on the model which you need to repair.

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