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iPhone users are  sometime  confronted with  unexpected    damages

On those  misfortune, there  is  a room the  Repair  Shop  Kcom  comes in.

Kcom offers  the  shortest  repair  time, by keeping  almost all major    spare  parts  on  iPhone  5, 6, and  7 series  as  well   as  iPad or  iPod  Touch.

In case, the  spare  parts were  not in  stock, it  will be  supplied  by the  trading  house very  promptly so that  your waiting time  for  service will  be  kept minimized.

Please note:::if  your iPhone has  been  serviced  by  non- Apple  official service    shops, including  KCom, theApple    may  refuse to   apply  the   warranty    program


Repair Shop K-Com

iPhone  Repair - Price List

Followings are list of major symptoms and  repair prices,icluding parts,services and 8% tax.( Postage is extra.)

1. Glass broken, Touch panel malfunction
      (Front panel replacement)
   iPhone  5 / 5C / 5S/SE   8,100yen
              6                      8,600yen
              6+                    9,700yen
              6S                  10,800yen
              6S+                14,000yen
              7                   14,000yen
             7+                    17,200yen
2. Battery Replacement
  If your iPhone was in services  for more than 2 years
  then it may  be a period of its life.  

   iPhone 5/5C/5S/6/6S /SE      5,400yen
              6+/6S+                     5,900yen
                         7/7+                        7,500yen
"These are very special offer"

3. Home button trouble,Power Button trouble and etc.
  iPhone   5/5C/5S/SE                       6,500yen
              6/6+                                 8,500yen
              6S/6S+                            10,500yen
               7                                    12,800yen

On the iPhone 5S and after newly introduced  models,Touch ID or Home Button will NOT be functional  

after home  button replaced.

5. Charge connector  defect, Microphone defect,Loudspeaker defect, Headphone Jack defect and etc.
    iPhone  5/5C/5S                   8,500yen
               SE                            8,500yen
               6/6+                         9,500yen
               6S/6S+                      9,800yen
               7/7+                        10,800yen

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